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An Introduction to the Benedict Challenge

Source: FREE SPEACH via YouTube

This course teaches you how to form a keepable habit of intermittent fasting, also known as OMAD, or One Meal a Day, following the vital traditions of Western Monasticism.

One Meal a Day is an increasingly popular method of intermittent fasting that delays when you eat, rather than restricting what or how much you eat. It has been the habit of many of joyful monk, who have used it as the foundation of a more lively, prayerful and productive existence. In fact, it’s arguable that OMAD finds its roots in the Rule of St. Benedict – the founding document of Western Monasticism. OMAD doesn’t make the “what” irrelevant, but that the body is more likely to settle into a healthy equilibrium if you aren’t constantly “re-feeding” and digesting throughout the day. Best of all, it’s not a “hack,” but a sustainable habit that you can keep for life – even if not daily.

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