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What Is Our Culture’s Real Target and Why?

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Via Educe: “In week 14 of our #Activate series: We hear directly from our founder about what’s really under attack in our culture today. It’s much bigger (and more simple) than you might think…”

Educe is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate, equip, and empower Christians to align with God’s Word, will, and plan for speaking life into the nations. We provide online courses that help individuals, churches, and organizations build a solid foundation to stand for life in the unique ways they are called. Visit to browse our course catalog and find out more about us.

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We are the exclusive author of the Foundations pro-life curriculum, which builds the historical, philosophical, and biblical perspectives pro-life Christians need to compassionately engage the culture and defend human life, from its earliest biological beginning to its natural end. 

Sarah Quale: “And so what this curriculum does is really prepare people according to how they are uniquely called, according to how they are individually called to stand for life”.