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The Rise and Fall of Christian Ireland

Source: Iona Institute via YouTube

David Quinn interviews Crawford Gribben of Queen’s University Belfast about his new book, ‘The Rise & Fall of Christian Ireland’. They discuss the Christian legacy in Ireland (a net harm or a net good?), the early Church, the monastic movement, relations between the Church in Ireland and Rome, the impact of Irish Protestantism and the future of Christianity in Ireland.

Header image: Iona Institute via YouTube

External Link: ‘Taking Stock; how Covid-19 affected the Church’
Covid-19 hit Ireland in earnest in March 2020. Like other parts of society, the Churches were profoundly affected. David Quinn, head of the Iona Institute, assesses the impact. He asks whether some of the curbs on religious freedom went too far and how the restrictions will have done to church attendance long-term. He also looks ahead at issues of relevance to the Iona Institute, including the review of the operation of Ireland’s abortion law, the debate on assisted suicide, and proposed changes to how Relationships and Sexuality Education is taught in school. The talk was held in University Church, Dublin 2, on March 30, 2022 and was chaired by Breda O’Brien, patron of The Iona Institute, and columnist with The Irish Times.