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7 Strategies to Overcome any Obstacle in Life

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Editor’s comment: Please note if you don’t have time to listen to the full programme, the producers have created time stamps, listed below. The practical advise for individual’s for example starts at the 33:10 min. mark.

Today we discuss how to be resilient in life as well as key ways to overcome laziness and acedia. Renowned motivational speaker, Jonathan Doyle, from Australia, joins us to talk about his life as a peak performance athlete and motivational life coach, as well as how to avoid letting sloth, laziness, or suffering ruin our lives. Learn how to overcome your weaknesses and be a powerful witness to the world.

We go through panic attacks, abusive fathers, rejection from others in life, and how God brings remarkable good out of our sufferings.

• How to avoid falling into neo-Pelagianism
• Discover the Inner Fire Within
• The effect of fatherhood on the world

0:00 Resilience and Motivation
1:20 Australian, Jonathan Doyle
2:40 The conversion from a sinner
6:23 Catholicism in Australia (Yikes)
9:56 Raising Kids that Go Against Society
14:45 Drive and Inner Fire
21:30 The Good from Suffering
28:03 Broken Fatherhood
33:10 Sloth – The Convenience of Our Time
38:06 Overcoming Sloth (2 Necessary Keys)
43:40 How to Facilitate Habit Changes
49:14 Staying Resilient in the Curve Balls of Life
55:50 Getting things Done in Surrender to God Learn more about Jonathan and Get His Free Book

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