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Coronavirus, Mass, and Catholic Life

Source: Jimmy Akin, Catholic Answers via catholic.comReprinted with permission The coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic has produced many questions and controversies, including how it is impacting people’s ability to attend Mass and receive the sacraments. How dangerous is the virus? What should be our response as Catholics? Here are eight things to know […]

Pope Benedict XVI
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Is Benedict XVI still Pope?

Source: Dr. Taylor Marshall on YouTube This is a short “DR TAYLOR MARSHALL HIGHLIGHTS Clip” from “Bp Athanasius Schneider & Dr Taylor Marshall discuss Theology and Liturgy” The full episode can be found here:… There is a second Taylor Marshall channel that has shortened versions and “highlights” and “best […]

Jean Vanier via
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The Truth About Jean Vanier

Source: on YouTube Do you enjoy our free weekly shows? If so, you will love our premium community. Four segments each week and an active community. Join hundreds of Catholics around the world. Learn more: 🔴 Support this show: Thank you! 🔴 Twitter: 🔴 Subscribe to […]