Pope Benedict XVI
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Is Benedict XVI still Pope?

Source: Dr. Taylor Marshall on YouTube This is a short “DR TAYLOR MARSHALL HIGHLIGHTS Clip” from “Bp Athanasius Schneider & Dr Taylor Marshall discuss Theology and Liturgy” The full episode can be found here:… There is a second Taylor Marshall channel that has shortened versions and “highlights” and “best […]

Jean Vanier via
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The Truth About Jean Vanier

Source: on YouTube Do you enjoy our free weekly shows? If so, you will love our premium community. Four segments each week and an active community. Join hundreds of Catholics around the world. Learn more: 🔴 Support this show: Thank you! 🔴 Twitter: 🔴 Subscribe to […]

Image: The Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine of Siena by Clemente de Torres
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There Is No ‘Catholic Feminism’

Source: crisismagazine.comAuthor: Jane StannusReprinted with permission Modern Catholicism needs to re-examine its uneasy relationship with feminism, and there’s no better time than this year’s tragic anniversary of Roe v. Wade. As it turns out, January 22 follows hard on the heels of a new landmark—January 15—for Catholic feminists, namely, the Pope’s unprecedented […]

Maria Steen
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Maria Steen

Source: Divine Mercy Conference on Maria Steen at the Divine Mercy Conference in Dublin Feb. 2020.An astute analysis of current cultural/social issues in Ireland, and how these challenge Catholic teaching, as well as some suggestions for the way forward. Watch other video presentations from the conference on the Divine […]

Fr. Casey Cole Breaking in the Habit
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A Special Valentine’s Day Message From Fr. Casey

Source: Breaking In The Habit on YouTube Valentine’s Day is a day of love. And that’s great. But this priest has an important message for all those looking for a date this year. SOCIAL MEDIA: Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Podcast: INTERESTED IN BECOMING A FRIAR? […]

Human Experience - Ascension Presents
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Spotlight of a Filmmaker: Chuck Kinnane

Source: Ascension Presents on YouTube Film director Chuck Kinnane, known for his documentary film The Human Experience, discusses some of his recent projects—such as the film Child 31—and what inspires him to make the films he makes. Find out more about Chuck’s work at Learn more about Mary’s Meals […]