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Illumination of Conscience and a Must See Film

Fr. Mark Goring, CC for some time has been sharing his sense that the ‘Illumination of Conscience’ or ‘The Warning’ as it is alternatively called, may well happen in 2020. He feels that it will be especially applicable to young men. He also recommends an animated film called ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’, as a “must see” film for everyone, but especially young men.

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The Deep State Connection to the Fatima Message

Source: Fr. Issac Mary Reylea of The Fatima Center via YouTube Please help us spread the message, Donate to the Apostolate Today! » To watch related videos on the chastisement: »… To learn more about Our Lady’s Message of Fatima: » SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel for […]

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The Third Secret Coverup

Source: The Fatima Center via YouTube Description (?): brz07 ca2Caption author (Spanish): Eli Grigorovich Header image: Starfield by Marc Schulte via; Earth by NASA via YouTube; Artist impression of Meteorite ‘Oumuamua‘ (Hawaiian ‘scout‘) via External links: Third Secret of Fatima Theory 2017 – The tip of the spear […]
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Why Has God Forsaken Us

Source: Brian Holdsworth via YouTube St. Corona Prayer cards: Music directed by Paul Jernberg. Find out more about his work as a composer here: M usic composed by Roman Hurko. Find out more about his work as a composer here: In times of crisis like we find […]

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Coronavirus, Mass, and Catholic Life

Source: Jimmy Akin, Catholic Answers via catholic.comReprinted with permission The coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic has produced many questions and controversies, including how it is impacting people’s ability to attend Mass and receive the sacraments. How dangerous is the virus? What should be our response as Catholics? Here are eight things to know […]