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Live Not By Lies via Amazon; Richard Dryer image via By Elekes Andor - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0.; Jonathan Pageau via i.ytimg.com
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Live Not By Lies – Preparing for a Soft Totalitarian Future

In this video Jonathan Pageau discusses Rod Dreher’s new book ‘Live Not By Lies’, a manual for Christian Dissidents. “As a new cultural revolution aims to institutionalize a tyranny of ideological clichés, Dreher renews Solzhenitsyn’s great call to ‘live not by lies.’ I cannot imagine a more timely and urgent book, or one with a more enduring spiritual, political, and cultural message.”

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The One True King

Source: Bishop Robert Barron via YouTube Friends, Christ is the King of all things. His rule is characterized not by totalitarianism or despotism, but rather by lovingkindness and sacrifice. He constantly reaches out his hands to defend the weak and sick, going to the limits of godforsakenness to bring back…

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From Star Seed to Disciple of Christ

Leah was fully immersed in all aspects of the new age movement, including the use of ‘spiritual guides’. She had founded a successful YouTube channel extolling, what she thought, were the benefits of the New Age movement, until she was forced by life’s circumstances to seek out the “true spiritual path”. This brought her into a very personal encounter with a gentle, loving, personal Jesus, which totally changed her life.

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George Carneal: ‘From Queer to Christ’

Source: New Hearts Outreach via YouTube Watch George’s story of Jesus’ redemptive power and healing. For more of George’s story check out his book, ‘From Queer to Christ‘, on his website www.georgecarneal.com Header image: New Hearts Outreach via YouTube; Stained Glass Window via mytheoblogy.wordpress.com External links: George Carneal talks about…