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UPDATE – Fr. Michel Rodrigue Talks about the End Times Message Given to Him at Knock, Ireland (Private Revelation)

Source: removed, please read below.


Editors Comment: Due to the fact that Fr. Michel Rodrigue’s Bishop does not now approve of ‘ANY’ of Fr. Michel Rodrigue’s ‘End Times’ statements, and as does its best not to print any information that might lead souls astray, it has been decided to remove this video, the associated text, and links from this site.

It should also be noted that Fr. Rodrigue also stated, according to Dr. Taylor Marshall, that after the illumination of conscience, that the priests would be so busy that they would be baptising people en-masse. However, as Dr. Marshall points out, this contradicts church teaching, as set out 500 years ago at the Council of Trent and further clarified by a recent decree by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which states that such baptisms would be invalid (12:14 min. in).

External Comment: Fr. Mark Goring, CC has stated that Fr. Rodrigue, is in good standing as a priest, and obedient to his bishop, nevertheless he is not supported by his bishop when it comes to his statements concerning the ‘end times’, the ‘chastisement’ etc. Link here via YouTube

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