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Everything Depends on the Family!

Source: Brian Holdsworth via YouTube

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Rules and governing restrictions are used every day in countless ways to refine that which is crude and unmeasured into something refined and more capable.

We recognize this principle in countless ways in our daily lives except for one critical area: which is sex. We say, in this instance, we don’t need any thing that governs our behaviour except the absolute minimum. So, as long as you can find another willing adult, have at ‘er.

We don’t say things like, I want to rule sex rather than be ruled by it the way we do with everything else. But, our ancestors recognized that sex is a good thing which can, like everything else, be refined through governing restrictions in order to maximize its potential good.

So they said, it should be enjoyed in a certain way which recognizes its purpose, which is not pleasure by the way just like the purpose of eating is not pleasure, and which places reasonable restrictions on it so that we don’t let it rule us.

And this is what marriage has always been. It’s been a critical measure that places reasonable restrictions on sex and anticipates the reasonable consequences of sex, which is that it strengthens your emotional bond with another person and procreation.

Simultaneously, our ancestors recognized that marriage and family are essential to raising functional and well-adjusted citizens who can contribute and not be a burden to everyone else.

But over the past 100 years, we’ve been tinkering with this. We looked at our growing prosperity and arrogantly assumed that it was inevitable. That progress, like evolution happens naturally as long as we don’t interfere.

And since it does, we might as well enjoy ourselves and since sex is enjoyable, why place burdensome restrictions on it? And ever since then, we’ve seen catastrophic effects on marriage and the family and society.

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in sexually transmitted diseases which have costed millions of lives and an incalculable amount of health care expenses. We’ve seen divorce become as common as marriage. And the proliferation of several other effects that I’ll get to.

And ever since then, we’ve been doubling down on our little experiment trying to respond to the unintended consequences but with no appreciation for what’s causing them.

And a lot of this can be traced back to the advent and promotion of artificial contraception which promised us consequence free sex. But the consequences for refusing to govern ourselves isn’t necessarily a bad thing because as we’ve seen in so many other examples, governing ourselves is how we refused to be ruled by something or someone external.

Again, we govern our minds with education in order to refine our thoughts into knowledge. We govern our abilities with training in order to refine them into skills. We govern our bodies with nutrition and exercise in order to maximize their potential and the alternative negative consequences are what help inspire those good decisions.

When it comes to sex, we thought we had fixed that with contraception. But, no contraception works 100% of the time under the best circumstances and casual sex is rarely undertaken under the best circumstances.

Rates of effectiveness vary between 90% and 98% depending on the method and how strictly we use it. Which means that for every 100 cases of casual sex, there are a considerable number illegal aliens sneaking across the border. And if you multiply that by the number of casual sexual encounters, that’s a LOT of unintended pregnancies. Which means, we need abortion as a safety net because we were promised consequence free sex… which was and is a lie.

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