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A Doctor’s Conversion from Abortion Provider to Pro-Life OBGYN

Source: EWTN via YouTube.com

A US doctor says he wanted to serve women and be the very best so he performed abortions. Until the day things did not go as planned. In his new book “Two Patients,” Dr. John Bruchalski tells the story of his conversion from pro-abortion to pro-life, and much more. OBGYN and author of the new book, “Two Patients,” Dr. Bruchalski, joins to discuss why he wrote this book. He performed abortions during his residency, then one day, he had a moment of truth. The doctor shares what happened. Dr. John says this “defining moment” professionally also lead to a defining moment spiritually. He shares what that part of the journey was like. The doctor went on to accomplish a lot as a pro-life OBGYN. He explains more about his work and what he would tell abortion providers who may find themselves in a moment of doubt.

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