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Steen: ‘No’ side’s referendum victory the “best Mother’s Day present ever”

Source: Gript Media via YouTube.

Editor’s comment: On Friday 8th March 2024, the Irish Government put a referendum to the people on whether to undo the support for the traditional family and the role of women in the home as currently defined in the Irish Constitution, in favour of a more liberal, undefined interpretation. Ireland had in the past voted for some of the most liberal changes in any nation’s constitution, but this time around the people voted ‘No’ on both counts. Gript Media (a pro-life social media entity), interviewed two of the most prominent supporters of maintaining the current wording within the Irish Constitution.

“It’s just the best Mother’s Day present ever”: Campaigner Maria Steen has hailed the win of the ‘No’ side in #Referendum2024 as a “victory for common sense.”

Laoise de Brún of The Countess says the result shows a disconnect between the public and the “NGO Industrial Complex”.

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Header image: Gript Media via YouTube