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Creating Atheists

Friends, his wildly popular book, “A Manual for Creating Atheists,” Peter Boghossian, a philosophy professor at Portland State University, outlines his process of “street epistemology,” which is intended to be a process of anti-evangelization, or talking people out of their religious faith. In this episode of the “Word on Fire…
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Young doctor explains why he’s against forced COVID-19 vaccine

Source: LifeSiteNews via YouTube A COVID-19 vaccine should not be mandatory, and getting people to take it “serves certain special interests,” a young medical doctor told LifeSiteNews. FULL STORY:… SUBSCRIBE to our emails:…SHOW LESS Header image: LifeSiteNews via YouTube

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The Mortal Sin Vote?

Source: Fr. Mark Goring via YouTube Fr. Mark Goring discusses the values that Catholics should consider when voting for any political candidate. Are there non-negotiable Catholic moral imperatives that the Catholic Church teaches everyone to abide by, if they don’t want to fall into a state of ‘mortal sin’ when…

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Fulton J Sheen interviews Richard Wurmbrand

Source: Live Mike Sessions via YouTube……… This is a an extraordinary meeting of two of the twentieth century’s great spiritual figures — one a Protestant, the other Catholic — who were close friends and dynamic collaborators for Christ and His gospel for much of their lives. Each drew their…