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The brutal reality of the origin of vaccines

Source: The John-Henry Westen Show via On this solo episode, John-Henry shows us incontrovertible proof of the link between the COVID vaccine and the moral crimes of abortion and vivisection. Header image: The John-Henry Westen Show via External link: The Personhood Alliance’s official position on vaccine ethics andUpdate: […]
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Purgatory Stories: The Suffering of St. Catherine of Ricci

Source: Uniquely Mary via YouTube Understand catholic purgatory and the doctrine of purgatory…how long is purgatory…and answer the question: is purgatory real? You can support me by buying me a coffee:… Monthly Support: Merchandise:… Purgatory by Fr FX Schouppe: Diary of Divine Mercy: Get Us […]
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‘Ireland is no longer Catholic’: Priest says modernity destroyed the land of St. Patrick

Source: The John-Henry Westen Channel via YouTube Join John-Henry as he sits with Fr. Brendan Kilcoyne to discuss what exactly led to the decline of the once strongly Catholic Ireland, and also the history of the persecution and resurgence of Christianity in the nation. Father Kilcoyne is working with Immaculata […]