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Is the Face of Jesus Christ a True Image?

Source: Is the Face of Jesus Christ a True Image? His real appearance explained | EWTN Vaticano via YouTube

Episode 424, aired on April 5th, 2020: “A special episode where we search for the Face of God”.

Header image: Restored painting of Salvator Mundi (Savour of the World) by Leonardo Da Vinci, c1500. Reproduction of the painting after restoration by Dianne Dwyer Modestini, a research professor at New York University. Salvator Mundi is currently the most valuable painting in the world (Vaticano), and acquired by Abu Dhabi’s Dept. of Culture and Tourism for Louvre Abu Dhabi. According to Wikipedia sold at auction for $450.3 million on 15th November 2017 and is currently owned by Mohammad bin Salman. Image via