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God Miraculously Healed Him of AIDS…

Source: Randy Kay via YouTube

“Mark was raised up in the church, by faith-filled, prayerful parents. However, through multiple unwanted events, the enemy took control of his life at an early age. Unwanted spirits were felt as a takeover of his mind leading to an overwhelming desire for sexual ‘experiences’. These ‘experiences’ led to an addiction to alcohols, drugs, pornography and a homosexual identity – which he battled for 10 years before yielding to its control.

Then in October 2005, Mark had his first encounter with the Holy Spirit and this Spirit of God wrecked his world. In early 2008 after nearly 20 years identifying as a gay man, he experienced a persisting shortness of breath. By February it had become a daily struggle to breathe. Diagnosed with pneumonia in both lungs, test revealed that he had AIDS – his viral load was over a million copies, while his CD4 cell count was in the single digits. Death seemed imminent.

During his hospitalization Mark experienced constant demonic attacks. He was placed in a coma on a ventilator. When his mom prayed for him, Satan physically pushed her away. During his 22 days in a coma Mark moved between life and death, and then on March 22, the night before resurrection Sunday, the Holy Spirit told Mark’s parents that unless they did something, Satan would take him. A dark figure disguised as a nurse defied the doctor’s order to cause Mark to die.

After dying Mark’s soul separated from his physical body and he faced God’s judgment. God showed him various scenes during which Mark had sinned, and then he experienced the horrors of hell – the unbearable heat, head-splitting cries for help, and unending physical torment.

At the point of utter desperation, he cried out in repentance, “Jesus!” Mark then heard the voice of God and he witnessed the Wind of the Holy Spirit who entered the ICU and blew Satan and his demons out.

And at that moment darkness turned to light, and chaos turned to peace. Mark walked out of that hospital completely healed!

What happens next is nothing short of a miracle. Mark is a transformed child of God in every sense of that word. Watch this incredibly amazing video that will leave you knowing the power of God, the power of God’s Holy Spirit, and the hope of healing and salvation in the midst of utter darkness. #god #viral #jesus #demon #healing #heaven #afterlife #spiritualwarfare

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Ed. some minor editing of source description in keeping with the outreach language of evangelisation.